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How to make dog toys 


You don't have to buy good dog toys ready to keep your animal friend busy for hours with enthusiasm. Here with us you find a great idea, how you can make dog toys yourself. This toy is designed so that your dog has to put his head to the test. You can also hide treats for him. That's how he has to think in order to get the appetisers he's been waiting for. This will definitely keep your four-legged treasure mentally fit.

How to make dog toys 


Even if you are not skilled, everything is ready within 15 minutes and your dog can start exploring his new toy. You're gonna make it. It's easy to know how it works. You can order these great building instructions online. The price is really small and everyone can afford it, you too. This is affordable even on a very small budget.

This homemade dog toy is suitable for all dogs


If you would like to build this great dog toy for your dog and consider whether it is suitable for him, we can assure you that every dog will enjoy it. It doesn't matter what race it is. It doesn't matter if your dog is very small, medium or very large. Dogs of all sizes have their fun with this dog toy, you will experience it when you have it assembled. Even older dogs, which are not quite as playful as very young dogs, will certainly deal with it. Just give it a try. As I said, the price is so low, it is worthwhile for you and your dog to implement this great idea for your dog.

How to make dog toys 

Dogs can spend hours playing games that require their senses. Of course, they like them even better when they get some treats as a reward! For this idea, which offers the four-legged friends both at the same time, you only need a few things.



Hello from Wolfenbüttel!

My name is Tobias Bürgel and I once took the trouble to build a great toy for our dog. I didn't want our dog to just get his food without straining his head. After all, dogs are intelligent creatures, no matter what race they are!

So that really everyone can copy such a toy, I have created a building instruction for you. Step by step I'll go through every step of the process of building the toy with you. The building instruction consists of pictures and is with measurements, so that really nothing can go wrong.

I wish you a lot of fun with the toy and look forward to great videos of your dogs trying to get their food.

Greetings Tobi


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